Change search provider Microsoft Edge

It’s hard to find how to add f.e. Google search as the search option in Microsoft Edge. Here you can find the most easiest way to do.

  • Start the Microsoft Edge browser
  • Browse to f.e. (change .com into the for you preferred language, see also step 8.). Keep in mind, when you enter the website, the browser redirects you to another url. But that’s fine.
  • Click in the right corner on the dots
  • Change Edge Settings



  • Next click on Settings
  • Click on “View Advanced Settings”
  • Scroll down and click on “Change search engine”
  • Now you can see the current default search engine but you can also see the browsed search engine.
  • Click on the searched search engine. In this case it’s
  • Click on “Set as default”.
  • You are ready to use google as search engine in Microsoft Edge now.

We discussed about google as search engine. Do you prefer another search engine. It works in the same way.

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Error message “The Data Access Service is either not running or not yet initialized” SCOM 2012 R2

After the last patch moment I struggled with starting the dashboard of Operation Management. Everytime I startup the remote Console the service “System Center Data Service” crashed. I followed several suggestions from the internet but nothing helps me. After a while a restarting the database server. That the solutions. My problem was solved.


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OneDrive For Business doesn’t sync (password required)

The last days I struggled with syncing my Business files from my personal business OneDrive and several team or sites.
I tried out many solutions or workarounds published on internet but none of them was the solution.
The situation you see on screen is:

SampleErrorSyncProblemAfter searching for a time on the internet I found on the following page the solution. Due to an Windows Update for Microsoft Office 2013 as you can see in the following print screen:


After removing update KB3085566 and restarting my device Onedrive for Business syncs my files again.

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