Bootvis versus Xperf

Bootvis versus WDT

De link voor de kleine download gebruikt. Deze download winsdk_web.exe. Die installeren en dan bovenstaand artikel doorlopen.

Ook een complete download van de 1e iso uit 1e artikel. Deze niet gebruikt

DHCP server name is APIPA address in stead of normal name giving

This morning I was a little bit surprised because the name of my dhcp server was a apipa address in stead of <servername>.<domainname>. I checked everything and all looks right. The bindings are good and so on. At my last checking step I knew that I have more than one network card on this server and I realize that one wasn’t patched. So I disabled that one and start the DHCP snap-in again and the name was changed into the name I expected.








Activating Server 2012 error DNS Name does not exist

Activating Server 2012 error DNS Name does not exist or errors like 0x8007232b or 0x8007007B occurs when you try to activate Windows.

The information below is only for users who aren’t using KMS. In case of use of KMS see KB-article for more information.

By installation the code wasn’t saved correctly. I found a for me working work-around by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to the Action Center. Take notice that you see that there is a product code installed which isn’t activated;
  2. Open an elevated prompt;
  3. slmgr /upk;
    By this command the wrong code is uninstalled/removed;
  4. Convince yourself that there isn’t a product code installaed in the Action Center screen;
  5. Install the right product code. Go to the Action Center. You see that right product code is installed

For more technical information over slmgr see the print sreens of the slmgr ‘ program’ below: