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Ik heb al veel gratis oplossingen geprobeerd. Tot nu kom ik met deze aardig uit de voeten. Voor zover ik kan controleren ook veilig!


Unblock files from internet

When you download some files f.e. drivers or software and save them on your server than it’s often give a message over untrusted content when you ran the installer or setup.
That’s right. Exe or such kind of files are untrusted until you trust them. That’s simple possible by clicking the item and chose properties en click unblock and click OK. When you run the installer again them message over untrusted is gone. So far so good. But when the installer has many folders and subfolders it’s a crime to untrusted all files which are blocked.

So I looked at the Sysinternals tools suite. I found the utility “streams“. Click on the link for information and use. I am very happy with this utility.

Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4 DNS source destination

Filtering in results of the Microsoft Network Monitor isn’t easy. But with the following handy steps you can solve this problem very quickly. Open your DHCP server and export the list of Address Leases (see screendump).









Open the result in Microsoft Excel. Copy the first 2 columns and past this in a new Excel document and save as .TXT. Browse to the My Documents folder. Open the folder “Network Monitor 3” and subfolder “Aliases”. Open the *.NMA with notepad. Open the .TXT mentioned above. Copy the content in the opened *.NMA. Copy the spaces between the ip-address and the DNS-name. Replace this with one space. Save the documents and you are ready.

Moving SCCM distribution point to another drive

On this page there’s an excellent explanation what-to-do or not-to-do in case of moving Content Library Folders from One Drive to Another. I have used the tool ContentLibraryTransfer.exe.  One thing the tool can’t do for you is to transfer to a folder or subfolder on the new (existing) drive.