Harddisk loopt vol (Windows 10)

Recent had ik mijn Surface opgeschoond. Afgelopen week bleek dat mijn OS-disk nog maar 5Gb over had. Na diverse zoekacties (Treesize) kwam ik er achter dat dit artikel ook op mijn situatie van toepassing was.
Hier direct het artikel:
The SFC.exe program writes the details of each verification operation and of each repair operation to the CBS.log file. The CBS.persist.log is generated when the CBS gets to be around 50 meg in size. CBS.log is copied to cbs.persist.log and a new cbs.log file is started.

It would be useful only for troubleshooting issues. If you are sure your system is running fine, you can delete this file. SFC.exe will create a new one, next time it is run.

I have used following method to delete:

1. Stop TrustedInstaller.exe (Windows Module Installer) in Taskmanager Services tab. Additionally if you cannot, open the Taskmanager Processes tab and End Task the same process.
2. Delete or move all the .log files in the C:\Windows\Logs\CBS directory, you can delete the .persist and .cab files as well.
3. Start Windows Module Installer service (TrustedInstaller.exe) again.

Change search provider Microsoft Edge

It’s hard to find how to add f.e. Google search as the search option in Microsoft Edge. Here you can find the most easiest way to do.

  • Start the Microsoft Edge browser
  • Browse to f.e. www.google.com/search (change .com into the for you preferred language, see also step 8.). Keep in mind, when you enter the website, the browser redirects you to another url. But that’s fine.
  • Click in the right corner on the dots
  • Change Edge Settings



  • Next click on Settings
  • Click on “View Advanced Settings”
  • Scroll down and click on “Change search engine”
  • Now you can see the current default search engine but you can also see the browsed search engine.
  • Click on the searched search engine. In this case it’s www.google.nl
  • Click on “Set as default”.
  • You are ready to use google as search engine in Microsoft Edge now.

We discussed about google as search engine. Do you prefer another search engine. It works in the same way.

Error message Hyper-v boot from DVD “The unsigned images hash is not allowed”.

Error message Hyper-v boot from DVD “The unsigned images hash is not allowed”. I figured out that this only appears when you have choosen for the ‘generation 2’ option of the BIOS. You can simply (for testing environments) disable in the settings of the virtual machine the option “Firmware, Secure Boot, Enable Secure Boot”.